Sunday, March 6, 2011

Days 55-58 (Wednesday-Saturday)

I kept meaning to write after class, I swear!  Now they are all blurred together and I can't remember enough distinct comments, so I guess I'll for general instead.  I haven't been drinking water in class, which I feel good about.  I've had some really focused classes and some that felt like I was just biding my time until the end of class.  I've been getting neck pain, headaches, and low back pain.  The low back pain is getting less constant and I've been able to get deeper back bends in the last few days.  I bought myself a Gaiam towel last week when I stopped at Target after the doctor.  I don't sweat that much to need a super absorbent towel, but I like that it fits my mat and it doesn't slide around as much as my beach towel.  I also got my replacement thriv shorts in the mail, and am very pleased!  The story is that I bought two pairs from Sports Authority and one started the come undone at the seem after only a couple weeks.  I couldn't find my receipt so I didn't try to take them back.  Instead, I emailed thriv directly and they told me to send them back and they'd send me a new pair.  I took forever sending them back because I couldn't find the padded envelope that I knew I had, there was that blizzard, and then I had to move.  I finally got it sent right before I moved and the new pair arrived promptly.  As someone who has practically grown up in customer service, I was very impressed with their response.  They didn't hassle me or make me feel bad.  They offered a perfect solution and followed through with it in a timely fashion, even though I wasn't so quick on my end.  The best part of it is that I love their product!  The fabric is super soft and is made of cotton and bamboo.  It's absorbent and clings to my body without chafing my skin or restricting my movement.  It does lose a little of it's softness over time.  That could also be because I use soap nuts for my detergent and hang the shorts to dry.  (This typically makes clothes a little stiffer until they are worn but it's safe for all types of fabric, cheap, and safe for the environment.)  I wish they came in more colors; I'd buy every color if they did!  ... back to yoga...  I've still been struggling to get through all the sets of Awkward and Eagle Poses because my quads start to burn and I have to fall out.  A few days ago I fell out of Eagle Pose and landed on my right knee on the carpet.  It made me laugh even though my skin burned for a bit.  I'm glad it was carpet and not wood floors.  I'm not sure what to do about that but I'm pushing through the best I can.  I have been feeling good about Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose.  I can feel my hamstrings, gluts, and lateral rotators stretching and opening up.  I had some positive feedback from teachers about this pose recently, which encourages me to go deeper.  The point is to straighten your spine completely, but since I can't see myself in this pose, it's all by feel.  I've been enjoying Camel Pose a little more again, even though it still hurts a bit.  I've started to occasionally kick out in Standing Head to Knee Pose again.  I had stopped because my wrist acted up during it one time a few weeks ago.  I play it by ear each time and don't push myself if my wrist starts to twinge.  I think that's good enough for now, time to get ready for a double today!

* Neither of these companies have encouraged me in any way to write about them.

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