Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 73

I again didn't make it to class in the morning before work. After work, I made potato leek soup (the recipe happens to be on my other blog) but I couldn't eat it until after class. My hands smelled like onion and leek during class. That's better than garlic. I had horrible cramps and didn't want to do anything. Laying on my stomach hurts and makes me want to throw up when I'm on my period. Add spine strengthening poses to the mix, and I'm miserable. On my first couple days of my period, tightening my abdominal muscles and rounding down both make the cramps worse. Between this and me knee I barely did anything. The teacher encouraged me to do the stomach down poses, but I skipped Locust Pose and Floor Bow. I was okay with taking it easy in class but I'm ready for my knee to figure out what it's doing and feel better already!
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