Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 66

I didn't make it to morning class today because I stayed up way too late.  I guess right after a time change is not the best time to adjust my schedule...  The goal is to be tucked into bed by 11.  I'll get up at 7:30 so that I can eat a light breakfast and drink some water.  As for class today, it was okay.  My shoulder and neck muscles are still aching but at least I didn't have vertigo again.  What I did have was pain in my right knee that started this morning.  It hurts going up and down stairs, riding my bike, and doing certain yoga poses.  I gave 100% until I felt pain and then backed off.  If it hurt the first time trying the pose, then I didn't do it the second time on that side.  I avoided Triangle Pose completely because I had a feeling it would hurt.

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