Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 64 and Day 65

Day 64

Class on Sunday was pretty good.  I felt like I worked as hard as I could and made some changes.  I've been working on making corrections in certain poses and I feel like I'm making progress.  Most days!  It's interesting how much clearer my mind works and how much more focus I have during class now compared to before the challenge.  There are days that my mind wanders to what I need to buy, what's for dinner, the changes going on in my life, but in general, I'm a lot calmer in and out of class.  I used to feel like I was missing half the instructions and focusing on hearing them and getting my body to comply took a lot of energy.  Now, I notice when the teachers mess up lefts and rights and the differences between the teachers styles and wording.  Also, my body just reacts to the instructions with less translation from me.  The down side of this concentration is that I have been finding that I'm doing things just a second before their actually said because I know what's coming next.  That makes me think I'm not quite as focused on each moment as I am what I know the next moment will be.  Time to slow down and wait for the instruction.  I've been working on backing off in Half Moon Pose and getting my hips and shoulders in line before going deeper.  It seems to have paid off because it looks and feels a lot better to me.  I've also been trying to start Full Locust Pose differently.  I've been putting my arms straight out in front of my before arching up in an attempt to get my chest to open up more.  Both of these changes have caused my rhomboids to burn, so I must be doing something right!

Day 65

I was not expecting to be as miserable during class as I ended up being.  I figured that if anything, I'd have to go easy on a few poses because every muscle attached to my scapula have something to complain about.  They were barely noticeable.  I had a headache earlier in the day and took some medicine and drank some water.  It felt a bit better but as soon as I sat up for the beginning of class I got knocked over by a wave of dizziness.  It wasn't like my usual dizzy spells in class.  Those are like I'm blacking out.  It clears up when I squat down for a second.  This was straight up vertigo.  I felt completely off balance and my eyes couldn't focus.  I sat out the most sets I ever have had to before.  I'd try to do a pose and then fall over from complete lack of balance.  Sitting up and keeping my eyes open was hard enough!  I think this was a combination of dehydration and needing to see my Chiropractor.  By the end of class the headache was a lot worse than before.  It felt like there was a really tight band all the way around my head as well as pain at the base of my skull and down my neck.  The vertigo was better before I got on my bike for the ride home.  After eating, drinking water and getting a quick shoulder rub from a roommate, I felt a lot better.  I didn't get down on myself for this class because I knew why I had to sit out.  I did have to run to the bathroom after the first set of Tree Pose because I brought my heel up right into my bladder!  The goal today is to get more water in me so I don't have a repeat of yesterday.

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