Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 68

I am exhausted.  I had slightly better sleep last night, just not enough of it.  It was a gorgeous day and it made me really appreciate the fact that I ride my bike to BYA everyday.  Class was okay.  My knee is still being weird so I took it easy.  I forgot to do my laundry yesterday due to late onset yoga brain.  I had to scramble this morning to find the old shorts and sports bra that I used for my first few classes.  The shorts are now loose instead of tight.  The bra was roomy and felt like I was going to fall out the top when I leaned over.  My body has changed so much in just a few months.  Last week, I had gained a pound and then a few days later, lost two.  I stressed out a lot over this and after talking with a friend, I decided to abstain from weighing myself until April.  I'm worried that I'll weigh myself April first and I will be down even more and then I will super freak out.  The reasoning behind not weighing myself is that numbers are arbitrary, I like doing yoga and don't want to stop, and that I am eating and feel pretty healthy.  I've been crazy hungry since starting morning classes again, but also super tired.  It's like I can't get enough food in me.  I'll eat something, feel full, and then feel hungry again an hour later and need to find something else to eat.  I'm hoping this is a sign that my body is saying it needs more fuel and it will use that fuel to stay healthy and not lose anymore fat weight.  If April first comes and I've lost more weight, I'm not exactly sure what I'll decide.  For now, I'm trying to find a few pairs of pants in my drawer that don't fall off me.

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