Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 59- part 1

I pushed myself pretty hard during class and concentrated something furious. I feel very aware of my body, especially the fact that all the sweat is drying off my sking & clothes making me very cold. I didn't want to give myself any breaks during the first class. I wanted to give it my all so that in class 2 I can sit if I really need to. I had some dizzyness and squatted down for a second each time until my head cleared. The reason for doing a double is 2 fold. First, my friend wanted to do a double and second, I want to be at an even 60 classes in 60 days tomorrow. In order to do that, I'll have to do a double tomorrow, too. I plan to go before work and after. The other reason for doing the double tomorow is because my roommate is going to take her first class tomorrow. Yay, I'm converting more people! Pee then back in the room for round 2.
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