Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 72

Monday was Karma Yoga Day. That means that BYA donates $1 for every body in every class to an orgnaization. This month it went to a relief fund for northern Japan. It was also a classmates 365th class in 365 days. She's had to do a lot of catching up in the last month and has been doing doubles and triples most days. She did 3 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and five on Monday! Three other yoga buddies did 4 or 5 classes along with her on Monday. I had been planning on going to the 9:30 class but my body decided that sleep was more important. I made it to the last class instead and I'm glad I did! The energy was amazing and it felt good to cheer them along in my head. A teacher took some pictures of her in her final class. Since I was nearby I used the risk of being in the background as a motivator to watch my form and try not to fidget. I can't remember much about the class but I fel reasonably focused. I'm still being careful with my knee but the pain is less accute. I'm writing this post while stretching my quads, gluts and TFLs. I mean to stretch more often, but it just doesn't happen.
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