Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 61

Today's class was not nearly as rough as yesterdays. I've been pretty congested today and that gave me some trouble breathing, but no fever! I wasn't in the best mood today between not feeling well, playing catch-up at work, adjusting to changes in my life, and my third flat tire in 2 months... then a yoga buddy invited me to come hang out between work and yoga. That put me in much better spirits. Green eggs and ham, laughing, and terd dates can have that affect. I'm still pretty sore from those two days I did doubles, but I pushed myself pretty hard. There were a couple sets I didn't do, but I didn't sit down and I didn't skip any poses completely. There's a fine line between listening to your body and slacking off. I'm trying to find it and stay on the right side.
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