Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 59- Part Two

I ended up changing into clean shorts and bra for the second class, after having sat there freezing for 30 minutes.  Now I'll know just to do it right away and to bring long pants and a shirt to put on over during the break.  I did use the same towel which was only a little uncomfortable.  I will probably bring a clean towel next time I do a back to back double.  I pushed myself just as hard in the second class.  My muscles were fatigued and I let myself skip a couple second sets of poses.  I did not let myself sit down, though.  I had to squat a couple times when I started to get really dizzy.  I felt pretty blah right after class but started to perk up as we walked to dinner.  We had Korean food, it was just what I wanted.  I got some unpacking done when I got home and then the real tired hit me.  Sleep wasn't that great.  I was sore and achey and woke up every few hours.  I didn't go to morning class today because I needed all the sleep I could get.  I'm off to class now, and will probably do a double tomorrow.

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