Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 58

Rewind!  I totally miscounted my days when I lost count a week or so ago.  I counted them on my BYA account and on a calendar and somehow did it wrong.  Two whole days off!  Will anyone ever forgive me for misleading the, into giving me applause and encouragement two whole days early!?!?

Anyway, class today was a real challenge.  I didn't go to morning class like I thought I would because I needed sleep after yesterday's double.  I woke up every few hours and I feel like I wrote about this already...  So two of my roommates are sick and so are both the kids and the dad of the family I work for.  I have not been truly sick since I started doing Bikram Yoga in November.  I've fought off two colds.  I had a crappy class both times I was about to get sick and then I was fine.  I'm hoping that tonight was my crappy class and now I won't get sick.  When I was locking my bike up outside, I felt like I might have a low grade fever.  I didn't have a way to check, so I don't know for sure.  I felt wiped out for the whole class; weak and fatigued and just not myself.  I'm feeling alright now, just a little worn out.  But that could be because it's midnight and I need to be awake at 7:30 to go to morning yoga.

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