Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had hardly any time on the computer this weekend so I failed at my goal of writing about each class on the day it occurred.  This means that I don't remember a thing about them.  I've had some overall thoughts about yoga and my practice, but the individual classes blur together.  They seem to go by very quickly these days.  Before I even know it, we're two-thirds of the way done and into the floor series.  I've been avoiding drinking water in class, but still bring it with me most days just in case.  I had one sip yesterday, which was the first in a few days.  I just make sure I drink a ton of water during the day and chug most of a bottle right after class in the locker room.  I bounce between being crazy hungry by the time class ends, or feeling like I could only eat a little bit and then I'd feel sick.  On the days I don't want to eat, I try to drink some chocolate milk or juice so I'm getting some nutrients while also rehydrating.  My muscles have been feeling fatigued and burning during class, especially my quadriceps.  I have been allowing myself to sit out of the second sets of Awkward and Eagle poses.  If I don't, then I'm wiped out for Standing Bow Pose and Balancing Stick.

Unfortunately, I had some issues with my wrist yesterday.  I was able to kick out during three out of four of Standing Head to Knee.  On the last one, my right wrist started aching in a sharp way and I had to stop.  I was not able to grab my right foot for Standing Bow Pose because of the sever pain and stood there cradling my wrist.  This has not happened before.  I have felt soreness in the muscles in my arm and hand and pain in my knuckles from the intense grips, but I've never wanted to cry out in class from pain.  There were noticeable changes in the scars on the side of my wrist.  There were bright pink splotches and the scar lines showed up very white.  I felt pain a few more times during class and backed off immediately.  I even took ibuprofen when I got home.

I've been in the first or second rows with a decent view in the mirror for most of my classes lately.  I've noticed that I get a little more distracted in the front row than I do in the second row.  I thought I'd give the back row a try since I've only tried it a few times.  Sunday I picked a spot in the back row and was pleased that I could see part of myself in the mirror.  After Pranayama breathing, a classmate decided to move their mat directly in front of me so they had a better view of the mirror.  I was frustrated for a minute but then saw it as an interesting challenge.  My first class was packed because the Regional Asana Championship was held earlier in the day.  This canceled some midday classes and brought more people in from out of town.  I was at the back and unable to see any part of myself in the mirror.  I just thought back to that day and let go of my anger at my classmate.  I know that I get distracted when I am too close to the mirror, that's part of the reason I wanted to try the back row again.  I found that during some poses it was easier for me to hold my gaze steady when I couldn't see myself.  Others, I felt were made more difficult, like Standing Bow Pose, because I could not see the alignment of my shoulders and feet.  I'd like to try the back row again but with at least a small view of myself in the mirror.  Because I do yoga without my glasses on, I can't see very clearly.  When I am close to the mirror, my eyes work to try to bring things into focus and dart around getting distracted by movements.  When I am farther from the mirror, my eyes don't work so hard to focus on my image so I get distracted less.

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