Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 29

Yesterday's class was okay.  I was pretty fatigued and had some dizziness so I felt it necessary to sit out a few sets.  I figured it was better to do some of the postures and give them 100% than to force myself to do all of the postures and not have enough of me to go around for each one.  My wrist was also bugging me a bit and it made some of the grips difficult.  I was very hungry by the time I was done so I treated myself to a salad & a gluten free pizza.  I wasn't too impressed with this restaurant the last time I dined there.  This visit was not redeeming.  I usually can't handle these cold temperatures, but this winter has been a little easier.  I can only think of one time that my back spasmed this winter, which has been a part of my winters since I broke T4 in 2003.  I attribute this positive change to all this yoga I've been doing!

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