Thursday, February 10, 2011

Days 31, 32, 33

My brain is complete and utter mush.  It feels like I am in a fish tank and the world is being filtered through the water.  Nothing sounds right or feels right.  To add to it, there is a lag time between my brain and my body.  Somehow I've been able to do some stuff on auto-pilot.  I'm actually pretty impressed that I think I'm making sense here.  This feeling started right after Pranayama breathing tonight.  There are a myriad of plausible reasons for this feeling:  I got a much needed adjustment today, I might be fighting off a cold, I experienced some anger and frustration directly before class, I've been dealing with a good deal of stress and change in the last few weeks.  In contrast, I felt pretty good about Tuesdays class.  Yesterday, I started out with a headache even before I got to class, so I took medicine in an attempt to cut it off before it got worse.  It ended up getting really bad, full blown migraine by the time we got to the floor series.  As soon as I got out into the cool, chatting with yoga-buddies in the locker room, and chugging water it felt  a lot better.  In fact, it went away completely, I was very relieved and I attribute it to one yoga-buddy in particular who really helped to lift my mood after such a C- kind of day.  I felt so much lighter and was in a much better place by the time I got on my bike to head for the train.  I really didn't want to go to yoga today at a few different moments.  I'm pretty tired and just wanted to sleep.  I accidentally forgot to pick up my bike by the train station where I parked it last night on my way home today.  So, I didn't have it to get from work to yoga, which is a very small window.  I tried to catch a bus, but they were leap frogging and the bus in the lead was packed and wouldn't have gotten me to BYA on time.  I went home and waited out the time until the next class.  When I bus tracked, one bus was at the stop right then and the next said 30 minutes.  I was prepared to try to walk it, but the bus got here much faster and I made it with a couple minutes to change and get into the room.  Throughout this whole fiasco of realizing when I got home before work that I'd left my bike, to trying to make it to both classes, I really considered just not going at all.  I'm glad I did even though I feel like crap right now.  I'm hoping that with some proper sleep I'll be better in the morning and ready for the 9:30 class...

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