Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 45

I made myself get up and go to class this morning.  My mistake was getting up at 8 instead of 7:30.  I try to wake up 2 hours before class starts so that the little bit of food I eat has time to digest.  I was very aware of the yogurt I ate for the first half of class.  Then, I got hungry.  I don't think I've been drinking enough water, so I made a point to drink constantly while at work.  Well, it was more like work, work, work, oh shit where's my water? chug, chug, chug, refill glass, repeat.  As for class, I was in super concentration mode again.  I had some dizziness but it was manageable.  I think I've been concentrating better in the 3rd or 4th rows than I was in the front.  My quads haven't been able to handle all the squats lately.  They start burning and then I have to fall out of the pose.  My lower back is sore again, no idea what's going on with that.  I'm supposed to go to morning class again tomorrow.  I think I'll have some ice cream for dinner, it's all I've wanted all day, and then go to bed.  Then maybe I'll actually have the energy for class tomorrow, even though my joints will sound like rice crispies!

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