Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 40

I don't get quite the yoga brain that I used to.  Even though I'm usually pretty drained, hungry and thirsty after class, I can think clearly and make complete sentences.  I can carry on full conversations, which was impossible before I started the challenge, and even a couple weeks into it.  I feel bad sometimes in the locker room because a lot of the other women are grimly quiet and I'm Little Miss Chatterbox.  It used to be me that was silent, just trying to go through the motions of getting showered and dressed, while barely understanding anyone who happened to be talking around me.  My brain would take so long to process anything anyone might actually say to me, that I tried to avoid conversation most days.  Some days, it is eerily silent in the locker room.  That's usually after small classes where there is no one that I'm really chatty with.  Then it's just a handful of exhausted women silently, slowly moving around.  I feel really bad when my old friend is in class (we ran into each other for the first time in over 2 years in the locker room before class) because we are very loud.  We just talk in circles and I'm sure it makes everyone around us dizzy.  Anyway... last night's class was alright.  My lower back is still sore but my toe is better.  I haven't been pushing myself super hard because I'm in class everyday.  When it was only a few times a week, I could push myself to my maximum, but if I did that everyday there would be nothing left of me for the rest of the day.  Eek, I gotta get ready for work!

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