Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 30

WooHoo!  I made it to 30 days.  A nice round number.  And look, I'm even writing my post directly after class.  Pretty impressive, huh?

Today was a down day and I had my reasons.  I didn't want to go to class tonight.  I could have gone in the morning but I wanted to get some extra sleep since I had a migraine after class last night.  I dragged myself to class, had to ride my bike in the snow because the CTA is no help at all, and by the time I got there I still didn't want to be there.  It was after the first time the teacher made me laugh that I started to feel lighter.  I had a couple moments in class that I laughed and by the time I got to the locker room I felt much better.  I feel pretty bubbly and energized, which is a huge change from earlier today.  As for the actual class, I had a good time and worked really hard.  I didn't have to sit out any sets and I only had to squat down to clear my head of dizziness a couple times.  I could tell that the woman behind me was watching me, and I knew she was new.  The woman behind her was watching both of us.  That was a lot of pressure on me!  It helped to push me just a little further into my postures.  But I found out afterward that the first woman was a little intimidated by me.  So, I felt all embarrassed.  My right shoulder has been tight, which I attribute to my wrist injury and months in a sling, and I've been trying to get myself deeper into the poses that are uncomfortable for it.  The teachers like to tell us that the poses that are the most beneficial for us are the ones we hate the most.  Standing Bow Pose with my right arm back, Half Tortoise Pose, and Triangle Pose with my right arm up are all very uncomfortable for my shoulder.  Today I was able to push myself further into those uncomfortable spots and I feel good about it.  I think I'm starting to feel tired now, so I should probably get ready for bed.

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