Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today I was not able to make it to Yoga.  My body would not let me get out the door on time for the 9:30 am class and I had to work until 8:30 pm.  I had to switch to a different brand of iron supplements because I ran out before I had time to go to Whole Foods to get the kind I'd been taking before.  I had to buy a different brand from CVS and I am not happy about them.  The first week after switching, my dizziness was a little bit worse and I couldn't go to the bathroom no matter how much I ate.  This week is week 2 and I have to go to the bathroom 2 to 4 times from when I get up at 7:30 and when I have to be heading out the door at 9:00.  Ridiculous!  I know it can't be a gluten problem cropping up because I am pretty good about the enzymes and not eating gluten.  So, my body finally said I could get ready at 9:20, which is when I should be in the changing room.  I tried to come up with a solution.  I checked all the other times at BYA, but none of them would work.  I even looked up the Evanston and downtown locations.  Nothing would work.  I don't feel like I know the poses well enough to do them at home, so I didn't attempt that.  I felt just horrible that after only 11 days something happened to mess this up.  I'm more disappointed by the circumstances than mad at myself.  Some time while I was at work I realized that I could make it up to myself by doing a double tomorrow.  Which is funny because I just told people there is no way I am ready for a double yet.  We'll see what tomorrow holds...

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