Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 7

Today was momentous.  My girlfriend, Ash, came with me for her first class!  I've been urging her to join me for a class for a while now, but she had a good excuse for the last month.  So, this morning we got up and ate and started drinking water.  We packed our bag of stuff and rode our bikes to BYA.  I had a great class overall.  I had some dizziness and a few poses that I felt pain from or I just couldn't stay in.  Ash did a fantastic job and said she was super energized from it.  Well, after she got her breath back and stopped shaking...  At the beginning of class, I had an interesting thought: don't compare yourself to anyone around you or to how you did in a previous class.  It seems simple but I often find myself not accepting my best effort in the moment and wanting to push myself harder.  Moment to moment my 100% effort varies vastly.  Each pose is difficult in different ways and I can't expect perfection just perfect effort.  This was the first class that I didn't drink water.  I think I didn't crave it as much because I was able to down a whole glass before class, which I usually can't do.  I try to keep my water to a minimum and take only little sips at a time.  The couple of times I thought to take a drink it was only because those were the pauses that I usually do.  I didn't really feel like I needed it, so I didn't drink.  I have more energy today than I normally do after class.  I'm making a guess here, but it might have to do with wasting less energy on fidgeting and water drinking.  Don't get me wrong, I could totally take a nap right now!

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  1. It was alot of fun, even if at times I felt like I was breathing through a wet electric blanket. I made it through every pose at least once; I had to sit out of few second sets. It's tough and invigorating all at the same time. Now, all I want to do is eat! Luckily, Jenn and I are going on a double date for crablegs tonight. I hope I gave yoga today as much focus as I give to crablegs when I eat them. We'll see...
    Oh and yes, I will be Bikraming again.