Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 11

I'm still stiff and achey, what's up with that?  Nina has decided that post-yoga-blog-writing time is pay-attention-to-Nina time.  This makes it very hard to keep drinking water when my arms are trapped by a 13 pound cat...  Hmm, what to say about class?  I sweat a lot.  I'm working my butt off.  My body isn't sure what's going on.  I'm hungry and then I'm not.  I stick a pose one day and then fall out repeatedly the next.  I sleep soundly one night and then restlessly the next.  I've been craving Coke and giving into those cravings.  I feel like I have a clear head.  I can't wait for these body aches to go away, I'm ready to feel energized after yoga!

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