Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 16

The effects of that Epsom Salt bath did not last very long last night.  I woke up today with all kinds of sore muscles, including the right side of my neck and my triceps.  I think that's partly from Camel Pose and mostly from Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose.  In the latter, I was able to see myself in the side mirror and really focused on keeping my arms fully stretched out with my triceps engaged.  I hadn't noticed that before because I'm never that close to the side mirror.  Anyway, that was yesterday, I have to get back on task here!  Some of the stretches were really hard because of the sore tight muscles.  I did my best and it got easier as the class went on.  I had to sit out a couple second sets because my muscles just couldn't handle it.  With the teacher's encouragement, I was able to get a lot further down in Stretching Pose.  I held it for a few seconds and then couldn't take it anymore.  I still adore Camel Pose but I wasn't able to hold it for the extra few seconds on the second set.  I blame that glorious extra set yesterday!  I was able to do the third part of Locust Pose without sharp pain in my wrist and my second set got higher than I'd ever done it before.  I even did Cobra Pose without the modification for my wrist.  After class I asked the teacher if there's anything to do about these sore muscles.  She said to come to class every day, to which I replied "I do!"  She said come twice a day, but I can't do that.  She then went on to say that Bikram Yoga takes apart your body and puts it back together better.  That describes exactly what it feels like!  I realized that the Trapezius issue is from having to wear a sling and favor my right arm for so long last year. It's like my body is tearing that all out and building a new one from the ground up.  Another student suggested tart cherry juice, saying there is something in it that helps with sore muscles.  Unfortunately, cherries are that one food that I detest with my whole being.  Then we talked about food and weight.  I've always been teased, mostly affectionately, for being so tiny and scrawny.  Even with the best intentions, it sometimes makes me feel bad for being so skinny and super flexible while other people struggle to keep their weight under control and touch their toes.  I realized that it's really comforting to be around people who are skinnier and more ridiculously flexible than I am.  It makes me feel less self conscious for being built the way I am.  I mean, these people have been putting in multiple hours a day for years to become ridiculously flexible and trim!  I've got to go hang laundry and get ready for work, woot!

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