Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 1

This was my first class in 4 days.  I got eight hours of disjointed sleep last night and woke up physically and emotionally exhausted.  I had been planning on attending the 9:45 or 12:00 class but that would have required getting out of bed before noon.  Emily F. dropped me off at BYA at 3:20 after helping us pick up a hand-me-down tv from friends.  I made it into the room right on time.  I didn't lie down in Savasana because I knew I'd need to jump up right away.  My blood pressure has been wacky lately (orthostatic hypotension that was probably caused by high blood pressure medication that I was prescribed as a kid and  repeated bouts of anemia) during the standing poses and I wanted to start out strong.  I had a hard time anyway and had to sit down for one set of most of the standing poses.  I made it through the standing series and nearly fell asleep in the first Savasana.  I haven't been feeling anything in Fixed Firm Pose.  I felt good stretching in all directions of my thoracic spine during Rabbit Pose.  My spine feels crooked/twisted and I have to consciously work at keeping my eyes straight instead of looking off to one side.  We went for ice cream at George's after class.  Zanzabar and Cinnamon.  Mmmm!  Tomorrow, I will write an introduction to explain why I'm putting myself through this and how I began Bikram Yoga.  Oh, and I will start taking iron supplements again to see if that helps with the fainting.

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