Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 21-Double

Part One

I was a little apprehensive about doing a double yesterday.  I started feeling crappy halfway through the class the night before but everyone convinces me to go ahead with the double.  For breakfast I had an orange and some coconut water.  I wasn't able to finish the coconut water before heading to class, so I still felt full by the time class started.  The class flew by and I was only slightly dizzy.  I pushed myself pretty hard without overdoing it.  It was exciting to know that when the class ended I was only halfway done with my yoga for the day.  It made me feel pretty pumped.  Well, for a little bit.  After class I was really hungry.  I wanted to eat because I need the calories, but not a lot because yoga on a full belly is uncomfortable for me.  Because the teacher would be leaving the studio, Rashad and I had to hang out at a cafe for the hour the doors were locked.  I drank a chocolate milk and ate some peanuts and a few fruit snacks because I was craving them.  I also drank a lot of water.  We started feeling tired just sitting there, so we walked around Andersonville and browsed a couple of stores.

Part Two

When we got back to the studio I was back to feeling pretty excited about doing the double.  It got around in the locker room that I was about to do a double and it made for interesting conversation.  The cold and sitting for a bit made my muscles a little sore and tight but they warmed back up again.  I felt like my sit-ups were about where I left off at the end of the first class.  Awkward and Eagle poses were hard for me to do because my muscles were already worked to their max.  I let myself take it easy on a few sets when my body really started to protest.  I knew all I had to do was stay in the room.  Once my brain settled back into the class, I went by even faster than the first one.  It was kind of like being on auto-pilot.  All of a sudden we were in the last few poses and it was done.  I was very thirsty, a little shakey, and only a little giddy.  I was hungry but I couldn't figure out anything to eat, nothing sounded like it would feel good on my stomach.  By the time I made it home, I felt pretty raw emotionally and fell apart a little.  I finally decided to eat some celery and peanut butter with craisins to go with my chai protein drink. A few hours later, I felt hungry for real and ate some GF pizza and cranberry juice.  Unfortunately, I filled up quick and had a hard time finishing.  By 11:00 I was so tired I could barely finish eating and started getting ready for bed.  Being so tired when trying to go to bed is a bad thing because I keep forgetting things I need to do and just keep getting out of bed to do them.  The next time I do a double, I will make sure I am not out of protein mix like I was this time.  That will prevent the food crises I had this time that added to my emotional breakdown.

Time to get ready and go to today's class!  Not having my fancy phone makes it harder to write my blog post directly after class.  I can't wait to get my phone back.


  1. Congrats on the double, despite the difficulties. What matters is that you got through it. Thanks for sharing your experience...and believe me, it does get a bit easier with time. Yesterday, day 35, was a great one for me, totally opposite of day 34 :( Just keep going!

  2. I'm so glad that crappy class was a fluke for you! I like knowing how you're doing since i'm just a little behind you in the challenge. And when I see you sitting out a set I don't feel so bad for listening to my body and sitting down, too