Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 4

I got to ride my bike to class today!  The roads were cleared up a bit and the bus just wasn't happening.  It felt good to jump on my cruiser and get where I needed to go by the power of my own body.  My wrist was bothering me a bit more than usual this morning and I was concerned about Cobra Pose.  I talked with the teacher and she recommended I keep my arms palm down against my sides instead of bent by my shoulders.  That way my wrists wouldn't be responsible for holding me up.  My back had to do all the work! My legs wanted to fly into the air from the exertion.  I'll definitely stick with that the days my wrist is bumming.  I realized as soon as we got to the floor series that I shouldn't have had oatmeal an hour and a half before class.  My stomach felt huge and it was using up all my energy.  I want to eat earlier but that requires getting up earlier.  My body is barely managing getting up at 7:30 after 8 1/2 hours sleep. Supposedly I will hit my stride and become the energizer bunny.  I can't wait.  I think the iron supplements are working.  I only had a few dizzy spells and didn't have to sit out.  I've been packing on the calories, trying to make up for the 472 that I supposedly burn during one class. Unlike most people, I can't afford to lose any weight.  I've already lost 4lbs in the two months since starting yoga.  I got a little nap with Meescha between yoga and work.  It's really because of this new job that I can get to yoga every day but after yoga I really don't want to wake up and get moving again!

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