Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 14

My body demanded sleep this morning and I wasn't able to drag myself out of bed to get to the 9:45 class like I planned.  It looked like I'd be missing out another day until I ended up not having to go into work.  I made it to the last class of the day and barely got through it.  I am very aware of every muscle in my body.  They are all vying for my attention.  Very loudly.  I think class was made all the more difficult by my lack of sleep.  I could have also used more water yesterday and earlier today.  I sat out some sets and listened when my muscles started crying.  I think I did a good job knowing where my limit was and not pushing it too far.  I don't like that class was so hard and I had to sit out, but I gave 100% effort.  It was just a lower quantity to begin with than usual.  I plan on taking it easy until my next class tomorrow afternoon and drinking a ton of water.  I also really need to increase my food intake to make up for the close to 1000 calories I burned from yoga alone yesterday.  Before the challenge, when I was just doing as many sporadic classes a week as I could, I was beginning to notice a difference in my body.  Mostly little things like my muscles were stronger so it was easier to ride my bike, and my neck and back were figuring things out.  Now, I'm really noticing more physical differences.  I see more definition all over and can feel the difference in my erector spinae group, my triceps, and my abdominal muscles.

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