Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 18

This was by far my sweatiest class ever!  My towel was soaked through and I was just dripping the whole time.  My fingers were wrinkled and I had a hard time being still for all the sweat trickling into my nose, ears, eyes and mouth.  It was a good class and I worked hard.  I had some dizziness and I've had to sit out the second set of a few different standing poses for the last week because my quads and hips are sore.  My lower back is working through some stuff and is usually really sore after all those back bends and especially Camel Pose.  Then, Rabbit Pose makes it feel better and I stop fretting over it.  I almost fell asleep as soon as I was in the first Savasana.  It was a struggle to keep my eyes open and my body responding to the teacher's instructions.  I think I just need more sleep.  I got a flat tire on the way home from class, so now I have to walk to work and buy a CTA 7-day so that I can get around until I'm able to get a friend to help me fix it.  Time to walk to work now, at least the sidewalks are clearer with that big thaw yesterday!

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