Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  I just didn't feel rested.  I ate as soon as I could and started drinking water.  I couldn't get much down so I'm making up for that after class with a soy milk protein shake with a banana in it.  I rode my bike to class because it's only ten minutes away.  I'm not buying a CTA pass anymore since work's a ten minute walk.  I was surprised by the number of people in the 9:30 class, though the evening ones are definitely fuller.  The demographic was different, too.  It seemed like class flew by, my body reacting to the teacher's voice without my having to translate her words into actions.  I had some dizzy spells but I was able to do every pose without having to sit out.  I would just squat down between poses to get my head to clear, deepen my breathing, and then stand back up and keep going.  Even though it flew by, I fell out a lot and had to keep getting back in.  My right wrist hurt in Locust Pose, so I avoided the 3rd part.  Other poses I found easier than yesterday.  There doesn't seem to be any consistency yet.  I'm pretty tired and could just fall asleep, but I have to go switch the laundry out.  A daily cold-gentle cycle is part of my yoga routine.

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