Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 20

I had intended to go to morning class, but cramps told me to go back to bed.  Instead, I packed up my gear and brought it with me to work.  I wasn't sure how I was going to make it there on time without my bike, but thanks to my boss, I did!  She got home as fast as she could, despite work related drama, had her cab wait for me, and then gave me money for the cab.  Now don't you wish you had a boss like that!?  I got to yoga on time and wasn't the last one in the room.  Halfway through class I started feeling pretty bad.  I got really hot and was sweating more than usual.  My cramps started up again and I felt nauseous all of a sudden.  My heart started racing a bit and my breathing got off track.  It took me a while after class to get back to feeling alright.  After talking with some classmates, it seems like the general consensus is that I'm might be fighting off a cold, which is very likely seeing as everything is going around right now, or that it's my body dealing with my period.  I'm voting for a combination of the two and that it doesn't happen again today.  Today, I'm doing a double in support of Rashad.  Why I'm doing this, I'm not sure.  It is incredibly exhausting but also exhilarating.  I just hope I make it out the other side standing up...

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