Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 5

I've got both cats chilling with me on the couch.  I think they are getting used to my new schedule.  I'm still just pulling myself through the days trying to hit a stride.  As soon as class started, I wanted to run away.  It took a lot of will power to not just laze through the class but actually work at it.  There were times I wanted to sit down, not because I was dizzy, but because I didn't feel like doing it.  I tried to justify that since I did the first set I didn't have to do the second.  Or, I'm on day 5, there's really no need to put too much effort in because I'm here every day and will be for many days to come.  What is up with me!?  This is so not like me.  I've ridden my bike through multiple winters and gotten back on my bike shortly after injuries and accidents.  I used to try to convince myself that if it was under 20 degrees I could take the bus, or if it was over 90 and my trip was more than 5 miles I could take the train.  Every time I'd ride anyway.  I used to have to force myself to take a break and now I'm trying to give myself reasons why I shouldn't work so hard.  Other than that, class was pretty uneventful.  The teacher was chatty and everyone was sweaty.  I had minimal dizziness and only had to squat down a couple of times.  I feel like I'm getting better at Toe Stand.  My wrist is still bugging out so I went easy on it.  Between yoga, riding my bike, washing dishes, and lifting babies I think I might be overdoing it.  I'm wearing my brace a little more often just for some added support and a physical reminder to give it a break.  I keep meaning to make an appointment for acupuncture.  I know it will really help.  I've been forcing as much food as I can into my mouth.  I've been doing protein shakes after yoga but today I decided to stray.  I really wanted a coke so I had a can with leftover rice/corn/sausage.  I guess I'll make my shake before work and take it with me.  I've been getting headaches in the early evening and I'm sure it's dehydration.  Just gotta keep chugging water.  During the last breathing exercise I glanced in the mirror and saw a very pregnant classmate, belly in full bounce.  The image that came to mind was the baby inside jumping around like a kid in a bounce house, yelling "Weeeee!  Yaaaaaay!" while kicking off the inside of mom's uterus, backflips and all.  That's the image I ended class with.

Alright lurkers, I know you're there and I even know who some of you are!  I've got this great arrivals tracker on my page that tells me where the computers are located that are visiting my site.  I'd love some feedback and comments.  A little hello would be nice.  Encouragement and cheerleading are preferred but even a "You're crazy!" is welcome.  I know who you are El Paso, Ann Arbor, and Evanston!

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