Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 92 part 1

I have 4 classes to make up before the 18th, my 100th day. So, today I'm daring myself to do a triple. Class 1 went well. I sweated a ton & worked pretty hard. My knee was tolerable for most poses. I had acupuncture on it and my wrist yesterday. I had a waffle-egg and two glasses of water before class & had a decent night's sleep. After class a yoga-buddy and I walked around because It's gorgeous out. I really needed to buy a belt because my shorts were too big & falling down. I found a summer dress and I can't wait to find appropriate shoes and wear it! I drank kale-carrot-apple-orangge juice and ate some macaroons. I made juice last night for the first time and it is now going to need to be a part of my day. My lower back is tight and restricting some poses. I was supposed to go to the Chiropractor on Thursday but I totally forgot. I have an appointment tomorrow before work. I wandered up to the Brown Elephant and bought 2 records and 2 belts. Time to get my ass back in the room for class #2!
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