Friday, April 22, 2011

Days 102, 103, 104

102 - I did not make it to class today. I needed a break and I allowed myself to take it.

103 - I again tried to go to a noon class that doesn't exist. I took the opportunity to head over to True Nature Foods for some organic produce to juice and then a leisurely ride home up Glenwood. It was nice to not rush and I made orange-carrot-honeydew juice. I of course regretted not going to class the day before. It was a good strong class even though it took me some time to get focused, but I ended class with a migraine that got progressively worse the rest of the night. My muscles are still aching and my knee is a little off today. I am glad I made it to class after work and it was nice having a friend there. When the teacher was instructing us on the Spine Twisting Pose it reminded me of a baroque dance move and made me almost bust out laughing. I made more juice when I got home. Kale-turnip-apple-celery-lemon, mmm!

104 - I woke up to my period, a feeling of heaviness, and I've been battling a sinus thing again with a low grade fever. I was also worried about getting another migraine. I didn't want to go to class today, but with a little bullying from a friend, I made it there just in time. I sweated like crazy and felt like I had a good focus. I'm exhausted and sore and my cramps started in class. I hope I sleep well tonight!
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