Monday, January 2, 2012

Set Reasonable Goals

I was running late for work and had to ride my bike again today.  That's another 14 miles and my legs were already sore from yesterday's ride and yoga.  I was fighting doing yoga today and trying to make excuses as to why I could skip my second day.  My legs are sore!  I need to eat beforehand!  I'm tired!  My floors are cold!  I told myself to shut up and choose less poses for today.  I thought that sounded better than not doing yoga at all.

Pranayama Deep Breathing-  Felt much smoother than yesterday.

Half Moon Pose-  Nina joined me on the mat for this one.

Standing Head to Knee Pose-  Nina proceeded to rub herself against my standing leg and her face against my lifted foot.  Giggles ensued.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose- Nina laid down on the mat, meowed in my face, and judged my worth by the distance between my forehead and the mat.  The second set I made sure my forehead touched the ground and she cold shouldered me.

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose- Nina did not like when my hands came down near her so she clawed and bit at them.  I held my pose and she got pissed and sauntered off.

Tree Pose-  If I were allowed to pick a favorite, this might be it.  I did Toe Stand for second set.

Fixed Firm Pose-  Love me some fixed firm.

Half Tortoise Pose-  The stretch up through my shoulders feels great.

Camel Pose-  I can't hold it as long as Bikram talks but I will keep trying.  I was able to really shove my hips forward in the second set.

Rabbit Pose-  Next round I will wear a sports bra...

Head to Knee Pose-  I will keep my knee locked!  I had flashes from when I did my triple in the spring and how much fun this pose was by the third class.

Spine Twisting Pose-  Oh no wait, maybe this one is my favorite!

Blowing in Firm-  He claps too fast for the second set.

All told, twelve poses and two breathing.  Tomorrow there probably won't be a play by play because I will try to set a goal of more poses.  Now I am drinking my kale-apple-carrot juice that I made between dinner and yoga.  Oh, and I really need to clean the front of my stove it is really dirty!

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