Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oooh, shiny!

Distractions are a major issue for me at Kitchen Yoga - Denver.  There's the dishes, the clutter, the bills, and oh my god, the cat!  Who let's a cat in a yoga room anyway?  That is so unhygienic; someone should speak to the management about it...

Oh, right.  I am the management!

Final Savasana with my Nina was super sweet and calming.

I added in Wind Removing Pose to today's class bringing me up to 14 poses.

Speaking of class, I really would like to go to teacher training next year.  Just putting that out there.  Even though it is very difficult to concentrate on yoga when I'm practicing at home, I already see the benefits.  I know it will put me in a better place with my practice when I get back to a studio.  I will be more disciplined and have a calmer mind for it.  I used to meditate on the Red Line and just about any other place I found myself needing a little calm and clarity.  I can push through the scattered brain that I get here and maybe even find the motivation to clean my kitchen...

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