Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 127

Well, it would be if I weren't seven (I think) days behind. I'm okay with being off my count but I'd like to get to the bottom of why I've been resisting class. I did end up going to class today because dinner was canceled. It felt good to be there even though it was hard on my body. My back and neck do not like it when I miss classes and my wrist is still hurting a lot in class. But I went, put in a lot of effort and had fun. During Eagle Pose, I lifted my left leg up so forcefully that it spun me around. This made me laugh. I had to sit out a few poses but I made sure to do at least one of every set. When I tried Full Locust Pose I felt nervous about bumping my wrist on the person next to me. I only feel this way when it already hurts. I feel pretty wiped out but that also has to do with work today. I'm planning on making it to class tomorrow but I'm not going to force myself if I feel resistent.
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